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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Did It!

We survived Chatty Crafty! Ok, so maybe I should say we experienced it... saying we survived makes it sound like it was horrible. On the contrary, I had a great time. Kristy (my Pocketful of Poise partner) did too. Kristy actually wrote up a post for the craft show beginner that I thought was right on it. Check it out.

Sooooooooo now it's done....I have preeeetttty much caught back up with my house is almost back in order (It looked like a tornado went through it last week)....I feel like I am finally on the cupse of whipping something fun for the holidays.

Stay tuned. It's bound to happen. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful season!-


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chatty Crafty is here!!

If you are local, and interested :) stop by and see me!! Paper Wings Studio will be sharing booth #47 with Pocketful of Poise.

The vendors are amazing (obviously...wink wink), the local is fabulous, and it's Christmas time!

Hope to see you there.

For more info, go to



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bangles & Buttons!

Ok, so I love these bangles. Isn't it sad that I am making them, yet don't have my own? Everything I make nowdays has been going into the Chatty Crafty box. Prime example: velevet bangles. Love'em. I am making them in other colors as well. OH! Also, on some I have added a fabric flower. Can't picture it? I know, sounds "too much," but seriously cute. Will post pic soon.

For these, I simply hot glued my velvet ribbon to a bangle, and started wrapping. Hot glue the end down when the bangle is completely covered. Be sure your ends are on the inside of the bracelet. No time?? Ok, just come to Chatty Crafty (of course, you'll have to wait a couple of months..), and pick some up from Paper Wings. ;)
Another fab example: Button earrings. I think I love these because they are so BIG. It gives them kind of a retro feel, doesn't it? I also love the saucy little prints on these. Excuse the hideous ears...those are mine...I just wanted to show how, exactly, they looked on.

Fall break is next week, and this year we are staying home. Normally, I would be sad not to be traveling to the beach like we usually do...HOWEVER, this year I am psyched. I am going to lock myself in my craft room for 8 hours everyday, and kick these bigger Chatty Crafty projects out. It really excites me to think there will be more than an hour to work on something. Whoo hooo- real progress.

Pondering Halloween costumes-

(for me, not the boys)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rosette Book Mark

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had been working on some projects (Even though I had'nt posted in FO-EVA!) for Chatty Crafty. I also mentioned that I would post some of the little things that I had finished, so here I go...

Rosette Book Mark

The MUST have for the fall/winter season... (not really)

Whether you need a gigantic paperclip for the office.


Or if you just want to be super stylish while reading....

Aren't they cute?!?!

Great gifts for colleagues, book club friends (I gave my book club ones similiar to this last year.), or great for stocking stuffers.

I will have them at Chatty Crafty ! :)

Or make your own.

Mesh these two tutorials together.... this one and this other'll be set.

Getting a hankering for some spiced pumpkin seeds-


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