Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty Autumn Wreath

A Big thanks to all who have been patient with me, and my non posting! Ughh!! Seriously...It's making me crazy, but I just have to hold on a little longer...

Anyhoo, (as usual when school starts) I have been crazy busy. Time has been flying by. I can't believe fall is just around the corner. That makes me really, really, really happy! It's my favorite time of the year, and it's pages are full of my favorite colors!! REDS, ORANGES, and even a little GREEN!

Usually, my fall wreath is orange/red, but this year i went the olive green route. I wanted the wreath to match my new beautiful porch bench pillows, so I used the extra fabric to make a couple of the fabric rosettes. My mother-n-law had given me some burlap, two slightly different shades of khaki (one being alllllmost a greenish color), so I used it for rosettes, also. Of course, I thought I would need a small pop of red, so my final rosettes were made with a pattern that had red/orange in it. (Kind of hard to tell in these pics.) Once I made the rosettes and hot glued them onto the wreath (4.99 at Michael's) it seemed like something was missing. I just happened to have purchased some "Autumn Hydrangea" blooms for another project, and they just happen to match my wreath perfectly! YAY! NOW, the wreath was complete.

Everyone have a fabbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuulous weekend!!

Trying to get back on track- :)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

um...yeah...Hi there.

I am kind of embarrassed. Why, you ask? Weeeellllllllllllll, it's kind of been a while since I have posted. There is a valid reason, really. I recently traded in my Mac laptop for a Mac ipad. We will be getting a Mini Mac desktop soon, but until then...the ipad is it. It's totally awesome.....BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT...I am still trying to figure it out. The part that's getting me right now is the photo part. I can't upload my photos to it, so that makes it really hard to post. After this long hiatus, I have finally decided that I am going to upload my pics at work, and go from there until the Mini Mac arrives. Ughh. Pain. In. The. Neck. My work computer is a PC and I am a TOTAL MAC GIRL. I have no idea how to work the photo program on this computer, so please please please be patient. :)

Ok, glad I have that out of my system. Now, on to today's post.... My sister-in-law is getting married in a few weeks, and I have been whipping some stuff up for her. Instead of a guest book where folks traditionally just sign their name, she wanted some small slips of paper to be available with pens. Guests are to write a little something to the happy couple. She found some pens on, but I offered to make them for her, and they turned out pretty cute!

The pics above are from my phone, and are pretty sorry. I apologize....seriously.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I almost forgot! My friend, Kristy from Pocketful of Poise, and I were accepted to participate in CHATTY CRAFTY! We are sharing a booth, and so very excited!

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