Friday, August 2, 2013

For the love of WASHI

Claire's birthday is next week. She will be ONE YEAR OLD! It's so crazy! The time really has flown by. Annnnyyyywwwaaaayyyy, we are having a little party to celebrate our little bundle of joy next weekend. I have been busy trying to get as much done as possible this past week, as today was my first day back to work. My summer break is over. :(   I picked the theme "You are my sunshine," and it is a pool party. I am trying to keep it pretty low key, and just a very  few of our closest friends are coming.

This is where the washi tape comes in to play....I wanted to have a little clothes line up with Claire's baby pics from birth on hanging for everyone to see how she has changed over time. I couldn't have just plain clothes pins, of course, so I thought an easy way to pretty them up would be to guessed it...washi tape. (I also used some for super quick and easy cupcake toppers, and on the invitations.- more on that later.) I bought some  yellow chevron and yellow striped washi tape from Michael's the other day, and had some turquoise that I had purchased from Groopdealz a while back. I am sure you all have seen this done before, it's not anything new...

What you need:
washi tape
clothes pins
craft knife
cutting board
3 Easy Steps:
-Unroll the tape, sticky side up. (on cutting board)
-Place the clothes pin on the tape.

-Use craft knife to cut excess tape off. are done. Quick, easy, and cute. 

I will post more for the party later this week. Also, sorry for the awesome quality of these pics. I didn't have access to my good camera, and had to use my iphone. :)

Happy Friday-

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