Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Pails

Until now, I hadn't actually bought/made any kind of Easter basket for the boys. I just tied some ribbon on some random baskets that were in the attic. I wanted to get them their own, but really wasn't interested in spending a lot. Brown Paper Packages found some little pails at Target, and she, brilliantly, realized that these pails would be easily stored because they could be stacked. The light bulb went off! Yes! Pails! Cute cute without being toooo girlie, and great for storing!
I ran out to Target to search for these pails, but was disappointed when I saw how small they were. With Cash turning 5 this summer, and getting taller and taller EVERYDAY(!) the boys would need something a little larger to keep for years to come. Hobby Lobby, however, had what I needed, and had the price I needed. Hobby Lobby did have pails that were already painted, like the ones at Target, but they were more expensive. I already had everything I needed to paint them myself, so I figured getting pails for me to paint would be more budget friendly.
First, I taped off the pail with painter's tape, and primed the part of the pail I wanted to paint. I then painted the primed area of the pail using multiple coats. After it was completely dry, I hot glued some coordinating ribbon to the top of the painted area, placed stickers around the pail, and added ribbon to the sides.
They aren't perfect(I am not the most awesome at straight lines), but I think they turned out pretty cute. The boys like them, and can't wait to use them tomorrow at the Easter Egg hunt!

Happy Egg Hunting!-


tiptop2 said...

They look great!I could use one like that to take to my Easter Egg hunt!love the pretty colors!

Britany said...

So cute! I love these buckets! Way to go!

erin said...

Super idea! I have pails too. But, I bought them. Your's are way cute! I might need to embellish mine for next year. :)

erin said...

Also, do you always say pail? Or bucket? My dad says pail and my mom thinks its strange - she says bucket. :) Is there a difference?

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