Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday's Family Fun

Friday started off rough. I woke super early (as always) to get my morning workout done before school started. When I got out of the shower at the gym, I realized I had somehow forgot to bring my cosmetics bag. This meant that I had no brush, deodorant, make-up, hair spray....I HAD NOTHING. I stood there with a towel over my head pondering my options. I could run home, rush around getting ready, and get to work late. OR...I could just call in. I was planning on taking Monday off anyway, so I went with my second option. I figured by time I went home, and then went to school I would be SUPER late anyway. I walked out of the gym with no make-up, and straggly wet (matted and unbrushed) hair to my car to make the call to the sub line.

Finding everyone still in bed when I arrived home, I joined them by falling back asleep for a good hour. It was pretty nice. This is when the day took an optimistic turn. After breakfast, we took the boys to the Discovery Museum, and enjoyed a yummy (but terribly fattening) lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Luc and I took naps while Andre and Cash went to get haircuts. (Cash's hair, as you can see in pics, was seriously out of control.) We finished the afternoon off with a visit to the park, and a hike through the woods. Dinner proved deliciously fattening as well (PIZZA), but we had fantastic company as we busted into the Nichol's home with two pizzas and some soda.

All in all, a bad day was made good.

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