Monday, May 24, 2010

Secret Pal Gift

Ever had a secret pal? If so, then you know that you save the most rock'n gift for the last gift. A joyous send off, if you will. End it on a fantastic want them to remember that gift rather than the 2 weeks in a row you forgot to bring them something. :) I mean, other people forget, I am awesome at this whole secret pal business.

SO! I've been gaga over this idea ever since I saw those hip chicks from Eighteen25 post the tutorial. I won't rehash what you can simply get from their site (and you should totally check it cause it's a totally rad site), but I was proud as punch about how my own little box of teacher goodies turned out. I thought would be a great addition to my "REVEAL" gifts. My lucky girl is going to get this box as well as some other cool things, but this treat excites me the most. She's an awesome teacher, and person so she totally deserves to be pampered.

I hope she likes it! We don't actually reveal until Wed., so I 'll let ya know. :)


Jules said...

She is a wonderful teacher! What a thoughtful gift.

More Chic Than Shabby said...

She will be so excited to receive such a thoughtful gift.

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