Monday, June 14, 2010

My Hydrangea Love

I was checking out More Chic Than Shabby, and saw that she had posted some pic's of her hydrangea. This reminded me that I had taken some of my own hydrangea last weekend. I thought they turned out pretty, and wanted to share. I used some petals to top off a chocolate cake that I made for church, and put the remaining petals in a little glass vase on my window sill. I totally heart hydrangeas, and think they are the most beautiful thing around! It started when my friend, Sarah N., brought me a big vase full when I was in the hospital delivering Cash. I took them home from the hospital, and they lasted for two more weeks. Fantastic. I never forgot them, and I was lucky enough to get my own on my very first Mother's Day. (Big kisses to Cash and Andre!)

1 comment:

More Chic Than Shabby said...

What a good idea to put the petals on the cake like that. It's looks beautiful and I bet it was yummy too. Thank you for linking to More Chic Than Shabby. You are so sweet!

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