Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Recipes

During the summer, I usually get really excited about trying new recipes.  I suppose it's because I am off during the summer, and there is more freedom and relaxation. Anyhoo...my summer starts in about 2 weeks! EXCITING!! I have been perusing Pinterest to collect my MUST TRY recipes for the next month.  Thought I would share these yummy prospects with you all! :)

Avocado Pasta (I kind of have a thing for avocado)

Hope these inspire you, like they have me! Happy cooking.



Wendy in MD said...

I want to try every single dish you posted here! Yum!

erin said...

yeah - me too. I want them all. Good list! But, summer is pretty long. I think you will need to eat more than that! ;)

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