Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day for the Hubz

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Since the hubz was around when I made my step-dad and grandfather their gifts,
I didn't want his gift to be the exact same. However, I knew he would LLLLLLOOOVEEEE some yummy trail mix..especially if it was made to his specifications. :) "The Croz Recipe:Ultimate Trail Mix," or something like that. Ok, so I made THE ULTIMATE TRAIL MIX, and put it in Crystal Light containers...(will get to that in a sec)...And then I needed a container to fit them in. Luckily, Luc just got some new shoes, so his tiny shoe box was the perfect size. I covered it in paper, and glued on this Subway Art from A Proffittable Life It was printed 5x7 size, but I cut it in half. One size on front of box and one on back. Worked perfect!
I told you guys that these Crystal light containers came in handy! These are a great size to grab and take on the go...out the door or onto the couch! I found these super cute printable ties at It's Always a Party at the Parkers. I am going to hang the Tie Banner, too, but didn't want the hubz to see it before tomorrow. ;)

Thank goodness for all you lovely ladies who provide free printables! Made life easy for me today! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating all those fabulous fathers out there!

Much love to our own Poppa Ken and Grandpere Crosby.

- Tracy

OH!! I almost forgot!!
Andre's ULTIMATE TRAIL MIX recipe:
1 can of Cashews
1 can of mixed nuts
1 BIG bag of Peanut M & M's
3 boxes (movie boxes) of Rasinettes
1 med. bag of Banana chips

I know this isn't exact, but I highly doubt it matters...:)


Katharin said...

Love is in the details they say! You put so much time and love into these things and it's really sweet. The ties are really cute... though Andre doesn't strike me as the tie kind-of guy, but form BEFORE function right? Good job! I'll have to show you the book I got for Bruce from flattenme. Hilarious!

tiptop2 said...

These look like great treats for the Hubz!! I made the 6pack treats for my church fathers and they LOVED it! Grandpa rec'd one for being the oldest father... he was so excited! He really enjoyed his 6pack(s) ;}

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