Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moving Forward

This is my 24th day working on Project:365. It's been great so far. I find myself looking at the world a little differently, wondering what would make a nice shot. There really is beauty all around us in everyday objects, and it has made me happy to become more aware of that.

Also, I found a ton of people on photoblog that are doing the same thing. It's neat to think about all of the people, in all different places in the world, in different stages of their life, all documenting their year the same way, and on the same site. It's a great site that everyone should check out! There are some amazing photographers on there, it blows my mind when they leave encouraging comments on my little photos.

Here are a couple of my favorites so far. The top one is a puddle reflection and the bottom one is the sky from my yard.

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