Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks for the Help!

Saturday, the school I teach at, Clifton Hills Elementary, had a great gift given. Ethos, a local church, held a community work day for us. We felt very blessed to have this group come in and help with some things we, ourselves, haven't had a chance to get to. The number one project was to paint "The Barn." The Barn is in a small courtyard area between classrooms, and is meant to be an outdoor classroom. It was built, but no one ever took The Barn to the next level. As far as I was concerned, it was a hideous eyesore. When approached by my friend, Addie, who is in charge of this church's service days, I knew exactly what we needed to do. PAINT! Visions of a red barn surrounded with flowers and shrubbery began to grow in my mind. We needed to take the first step.

We had a lot of other things to get done, too, and we did end up getting quite a bit checked off the list. I think Addie was a bit disappointed because not as many people showed up to help as promised, but it's winter...people have kids that get sick...etc. etc. Life happens. However, we thought it was awesome regardless, and were excited when we were told they would come back to help again soon! YAYAY!!

Next time...we plant.

Thanks so much ETHOS!!

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Joe and Jocelyn said...

Thank goodness! Now it looks like it serves a purpose! This spring, I am making my class plant flowers next to our portable, so outside it going to look great!

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