Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Halloween Decor and Cash's Scary Spider!

I saw this fun spider craft somewhere online. I knew Cash would totally dig it, so it was a must. He had fun, and it turned out pretty cute. He's pretty proud of it, as well. :)

Super simple. Paint the hand, except the thumb, and use googly eyes...there. Done.
Cash is wearing an appropriate shirt for the occasion.

I used some fun scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge to cover these letters.
The sign is from the Dollar Tree, and the Cash painted the pumpkin on his school field trip.

Most of my Halloween stuff is cheesy, goofy stuff, but I like it because the kids like it. It's ok to be cheesy sometimes, right. :)


erin said...

I love your halloween decor!! The spider turned out super cute! Where's Luc's? Poor baby Luc. I painted my kids whole hands.....whoops......I thought the thumb was the spiders pinchers. :)

Tracy said...

I tried to get Luc to do it! He wanted to until he realized I was going to put paint on his hands. After that it was," Peace out!" and he was off!

Claire said...

funky and fun.

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