Friday, April 22, 2011

New "vintage" Tray

I bought this unfinished wooden tray from Hobby Lobby months ago after seeing it in the clearance aisle. I figured I would use it for something, but really didn't have anything in mind. It's been sitting in my dressing room waiting for me to make up my mind. Finally!, I decided to use it on my coffee table in my living room.
I am so in love with this blue color right now...can you tell? Anyway, I had some paint from my mantle projects left, so I painted the tray right up. I wanted to add some red to help all this blend into the already existing decor, and I thought a stencil would add some character. Of course, I then took some sandpaper to it in order to "distress" the tray. Finishing the project, I lightly coated the tray in a very very very watered down brown/black mixture.
There you have it. Quick and simple. Perfect!

1 comment:

erin said...

put a bird on it! hahahaha. Did you see that episode of Portlandia yet? Every time I see a bird on something now (which is every time I turn my head in my own house) I chant "put a bird on it" to my self! :)
It really is cute though. I might steal it. It goes with my house.

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