Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Easter Countdown

Last year I made Cash an Easter countdown. You can see it here. I decided to do it pretty last minute, so it wasn't super cute...but it worked. This year, I knew I wanted to up the fun/cuteness factor, so I started from scratch.

First I bought these connected planters. Super cheap. I think they were about $2 for a set of 4 trays. Buy a pack and split them with a friend. I wanted to countdown from 12 since there are 12 in a dozen, but my planters were in trays of 10. I decided to cut the trays and hot glue them together so I would have 3 rows of 4.
Ric rac is one of my fav's, so I used it to decorate the top of my "basket." Then I added some flowers for a little extra spring-iness. I knew I wanted my basket to have a handle, but had forgotten to buy some wire. (You will see how I use the wire in another project in a few days.) It was kind of late, and the kids were in bed, so I couldn't go snooping around for supplies. ( A lot of my craft stuff is stored in my youngest's room. Lucky me.) Scanning the kitchen, aka my craft spot, I laid eyes on a girl sized headband. PERFECT! After covering it with some ribbon, I hot glued it to the basket. It turned out really sturdy. Not bad for "on the fly."
This year, instead of writing the numbers myself with a sharpie (NOT A GOOD IDEA) I used left over stickers from another project. Much neater.

Each egg has a little message for the boys in it. The message tells how many days until Easter, and sends them on a treasure hunt to find a treat. I printed off all kinds of fun stuff for them....Easter mazes, Easter storybooks to put together, Easter verses to memorize, Easter puzzles, Easter memory game.... some eggs have a little candy treat, too.
Cash is crazy excited to start! Last year he kept sneaking and opening the eggs early. Little frog! Hopefully, since he is sharing with Luc, he will be patient.... :)

Have a fantastic week everyone!-


anna said...

This is such a clever idea and the presentation is just beautiful. I love countdowns :)

Ali said...

What a great idea for little ones to countdown the days. I am with ya on using the stickers instead of trying to write neatly with a market. That never works out well for me! haha. I'd love for you to add this to the Hump Day Hoorah link party. I hope to see you there! :)

Ali said...

*with a marker, I meant to type. :)

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