Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Canning Party? YES, PLEASE!!

** I thought this sounded pretty cool, and wanted to share it!! Thanks Freebies4Moms for posting!!**

Apply to host a Jarden Home Brand “Discover You Can” House Party on Saturday, June 25 and have your friends over to learn some canning tips. If selected as a host you will receive a free party pack containing: the Ball Discovery Kit, RealFruit Classic Pectin and Instant Pectin, coupons, Ball Collapsible Funnels and Dissolvable Labels, Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, Berry mashers, a canning flipchart with instructions, and gift bags. Remember to complete the application honestly, because they aren’t necessarily looking for hosts who can throw the biggest parties. Each party uses different criteria to select the hosts and not everyone who applies will be selected. This is a word-of-mouth marketing campaign where companies give customers an opportunity to do some advertising for them.

1 comment:

erin said...

Totally signed up for this! Good luck! :)Thanks for posting about it.

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