Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Chair Update

Look at my newly reupholstered chair! Isn't it beautiful? I L.O.V.E. it! Of course, I can't take credit for this DIY. My hubz did it for me! I bought this really great material, but of course, had a million things to get done. Andre was super sweet, and took care of it for me. YAY! One more thing I can scratch off my list.

Background on chair for those who care... :) The first year we were married, I found this chair at a yardsale, and it looked ROUGH! I brought it home anyway. Andre saw potential, as I did, so we sanded it down and varnished it. For some insane reason we bought the material shown below to cover it. WHAT WERE WE THINKING??

Before: UGLY!!


It adds another little POP of blue to my living room.

Thanks, love, for helping me out!


tiptop2 said...

What an AWESOME HUBZ you have ! I love the way the chair turned out, especially the BLUE material. Love blue!!

erin said...

Very pretty. I love the new material. I bought two old diner chairs at a yard sale a few weeks ago and they are my summer project. One of many. I found some fun glittery vintage vinyl on the web. Now, to get to work.

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