Monday, August 15, 2011

Jewel Kade: Biggest Sale YET!!!

Hello everyone! It's your LUCKY LUCKY day!!
This week I am making room in my JK bag for pieces from the new catalog! How could this be good for you? Well, let me just tell you...
I am selling some holiday and retiring charms for SUPER SUPER prices! Scroll down and check them out.

above- front
These three charms (Lucky Charm, Jack-o-Lantern, and Let it snow) were originally $36.00 each. Now they are only $13.00 each!
(All three are 1"x 1" with glitter and beveled glass.)
Happy Halloween (left) was originally $38.00, and now it's $15.00
(.75" x 2.5" with Swarovski crystal drop)
Candy Cane (right) was originally $28.00, and now it's only $12.00!
(.5" x 2")
The Glitter Rose (left) and American flag (middle) were originally $42, and are now $18.00 each.
The Christmas Tree was originally $48, and is now only $22!
(All are 1.5" x 2",have glitter and beveled glass.)
These are all initial charms with the initial 'T'.
*The far left is the Emma, originally $24, this one is now $8.00! (1" x 1")

*The second from left is the Small Brooke, originally $26.00, and this one is $10.00!
(.75" x .75" with glitter)

*The Large Brooke was originally $28, and is now $12.00! (1" x 1" with glitter & beveled glass)

*The far right is the Bronte, originally $38.00 and is now $15.00! (1" x 2" with glitter,beveled glass, and swarovski crystal drop)

The Small Teardrop Crystal, originally $15, is now $8! The Black and White Peace, originally $ 46, is now $20! (1.5" x 1.5" with beveled glass)
The Double Hearts (left), originally $32.00, is now $15.00! (19" long)
The Antique Sparrow (antique gold), originally $28.00, is now $12.00! (25" long with 30mm pendant)

These are all beautifully handcrafted, and would make wonderful gifts for yourself or others!

This sale is first come, first served, so email me or leave a comment ASAP to get yours!!

Have charming day-



Rebecca Jackson said...

I'd love the Christmas Tree, Jack-o-Lantern, and Let it Snow. I'll try to contact you via FB.

erin said...

I am loving the glitter rose and the tear drop. I am trying to scare up some cash.
(not your cash)

jocelyn said...

Do you still have the antique sparrow necklace available for sale?

Tammy said...

Hello, I am intersted in the charms you are selling, I will buy them. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Are any of your Halloween Charms still available?

Anonymous said...


Mary Betley said...

Just found your site! :) I too love Jesus and all cool, and fun stuff. I have been wanting the jack-o-lantern for some time now and would also like the Happy Halloween/Owl or if you have just the owl one that would be cool too. Let me know if any of those are available? I know I am late to the site but hoping you have something left. Thanks and have an Awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have any of the charms left?

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