Monday, August 3, 2009

So Long, My Sweet Friend

I actually wrote this Aug. 9, 2007, but I figured I would pull it out of the old archives of myspace for your reading enjoyment. It fits pretty well for right now.... ;)

Here we starts on Monday. MONDAY. As in three days from now, MONDAY. Where did the sweet days of sunshine and cool breezes go? The current sweltering heat, that is killing my impatiens because I cant stand over them with a watering can all day long, seems to be foreshadowing the end of a good thing. Summer. It's as if Mother Earth knows that I will be locked up in a brick box for the next 10 months, so she is trying to be kind. She is releasing the seventh level of hell, so that the brick box will, in turn, seem...inviting.
It's not that I hate my job, not at all. In fact, I have high hopes for this coming school year. I feel good about it. I am excited about beginning anew. There are new folders with crisp edges that haven't been torn, stacks of unused paper, sharpened pencils waiting to be used for good, clean composition books yearning for small hands to write their lives in them...oh the expectations! It's just that there wasn't enough summer. I hadn't had my fill just yet. My son's scrapbook hasn't been completed, and my tan is no where near "golden." The floor in my kitchen is still screaming to be redone, and for the love of God, I haven't finished Harry Potter. I want more time. I need more time.
It doesn't look like I am getting any more time. Three days. That is all I have, folks. Guess where I will be spending all of those days, save one? In the box, getting ready for the big day. Ahhhh, such is life.


Anonymous said...

So how is school going? Do you like you class this year....??

Tracy said...

We've had a great first week! I am optimistic, and expecting a great year. :)

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