Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Coffee Cozies

Most people these days are on a tight budget, and the lack of funds can really bring a person down rather than making them "holly jolly." I love to give gifts, and it makes me super sad when I realize my bank account won't allow it. I am going to beat that bank account! This year there will be small handmade gifts for loads of my loved ones to enjoy. My gifts, obviously, won't be ipods or Wii games, but they will be from the heart, and hopefully things my friends and family will consider (somewhat) useful. My quest for holiday happy gifting started the other day when I made these coffee cozies for all those coffee lovers in my life. They are cute, easy, and GREEN! Perfect! (Green in the sense that you can use the cozy over and over rather than use the paper ones when you buy a coffee out and about.) What do you think?

What you need:
-Wool sweater (must be at least 90% wool) I made all of these that are pictured from two sweaters.
-glue gun or fabric glue
Step 1- Wash the sweaters with HOT water, and dry on HIGH heat. You will need to do twice, and to create more friction, wash towels or jeans with the sweaters. You want the sweater to shrink up, so it won't fray when you cut it.

Step 2- Cut 2 1/2 to 3 inches off the sleeves for each cozy.

Step 3- Add a little detail with felt. I googled templates, such as an "apple template." I printed it small, cut it out, and used it to cut the shape out of felt. Hot glue or fabric glue will work to attach felt to cozy.

Step 4- Wait, there are no more steps!! ENJOY!
This one is for my step-dad who loves to sail. shhhh don't tell!


Anonymous said...

He is going to LOVE his sail boat! They are all so FUN!

erin said...

They are so stinking cute. I LOVE the ribbed ones - cuz you can tell they were a sleeve. So cool. Dang it - I love that magazine! Enjoy your subscription...although you might not get the first one until January?

Claire said...

oh wow. who knew it was so easy? cool and economical.

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