Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey for the Turkeys

Today was my Sunday to teach Sunday School at church to a toddler group. Since the attention span is low, the actual "lesson" doesn't really last that long. I usually like to have some kind of art or craft to get them involved in, and usually I keep it seasonal. Having said ALL of we made turkey pins, and THEY ...WERE...CUTE! We all loved them; me and the kids. Cash is in the class, and he decided that we should keep them to wear on Thursday. Awww, melts my heart when I get Cash excited about crafts.

Cute + Easy = AWESOME

I found the idea in Disney Family Fun November issue. In the magazine, they used cereal boxes, but being the felt lover that I am...well, you get it.

The "How To"

-Start by tracing four small, round objects, such as a jar lid, a bottle of tacky glue, a dime, and a quarter, onto your felt (or cereal boxes.) My circles range in size from 5/8 in to 2 in.

-Cut out circles.

-Snip tail feathers into the largest circle, as shown.

-Cut one of the medium circles in half for wings.

-Use a hole punch to create tiny circles for eyes (I did mine free hand, and I dont recommend it...kind of makes the turkey look a bit crazy.)

-Cut a triangular beak from yellow and a tiny half-circle from red for the snood. (NOT pictured. I forgot this part. Opps.)

-Stack and adhere the pieces with tacky glue.

-Hot glue a pin on the back.

Done. Turkey for a little turkey. (lovingly call the boys turkeys.)


Anonymous said...

A festive look for our fine feathered friends! This is their month to shine! Great Choice for the kiddos :)

Claire said...

So cute! I am a true lover of felt as well.

erin said...

It is so cute! Lucie and I have to totally make one now. Did you cut the felt or did you let Cash do that? Did Luc do anything?

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