Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dimensional Magic is My New Friend

Ok, so I have kind of become obsessed with Mod Podge's Dimensional Magic, and I have only used it for a few things! I still have a plethora of ideas! Love it. Love it. Love it. Today I am going to show you how I used it to turn old bottle caps into cool little magnets!
I really like to try to recycle as much stuff into crafts as I can, so I always keep wine corks and bottle caps. You never know when you will use them. This is a perfect example. For this project I used some buttons, bottle caps, D. Magic, hot glue, and button magnets. Best of all, these are super cute AND super simple.
1. Find something to go in the bottle cap. The possibilities are practically endless. I have used buttons, beads, pictures (those were really FUN!), scrapbook paper, stickers.... today I am using an apple button and a red gingham button.
2. Glue your button (or whatever) to the bottle cap. I used regular Mod Podge when I used scrapbook paper, but for this button I used hot glue. Press the button into the bottle cap.

3. Squeeze the liquid Dimensional Magic at an angle and fill the bottle cap. Try to be careful not to get bubbles. Caps must sit for a while to dry. I usually let mine sit overnight just to be safe.

4. Last, hot glue a button magnet onto the back.

I used these bottle caps to make these bookmarks at Christmas, and I made the other magnets below. Erin has used it to make charms out of scrabble tiles, which are really fun. I have to find some old wooden scrabble tiles, so I can make some, too! OH! I also used them on my New Year's Day gifts, here.


Anonymous said...

Cool as grits ! Cute too! ;)

Katharin said...

Really cute! Where do you get all of your ideas? I have a friend you would really like. She's amazingly creative and artistic. She has made jewelry out of wal-mart bags and washers, masks out of milk jugs, stationary, etc. She sews too! Anyway... maybe you kindred spirits can meet one day!

Claire said...

These apple magnets would be wonderful teacher appreciation gifts!

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