Monday, January 10, 2011

"Painting" the snow

It's been snowing here since last night, and we have accumulated more snow than we've had in years! Of course, school was canceled! YAY! So we headed outside for some serious cold snow playtime. I remembered how Erin from A Bird and A Bean used spray bottles to paint the snow. I made my husband run inside, and whip up a bottle for Cash to use. He LOVED IT!! I do wish I would have remembered to look for some easier to use squirt bottles when I was at the Dollar Tree the other day, but that'll have to wait for next time. (To be fair, my mom reminded me to "paint" when we spoke on the phone.)
Super easy: water, food coloring, squirt bottle. DONE.
Squirt and color the snow to your heart's content!
A worn out bunch of Crosby boys!

1 comment:

erin said...

Wow - you guys did get a lot of snow! We were out today too and spend the WHOLE day inside cleaning...I feel such mom guilt for not playing outside! :)

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