Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jewel Kade Weekly Discount

From now on, I will be offering a weekly discount of different Jewel Kade items.

These next two weeks will be filled with discounts on our (for a limited time only) Mother's Day collection. Mother's Day is 6 weeks away, and although that seems like a LLLLLONNNNNNG time...with this beautiful spring will fly by! You need to be ready to shower your loved one (or yourself!) with the unique, handcrafted artistry of Jewel Kade.

This week I am offering 20% off of Glitter Sticks charms, the Grace charm, and the Duchess bracelet!

My Special SPECIAL for the week is.... Buy one of these charms at 20% off, and get the bracelet for 30% off!

(That means $12 off of the bracelet price!)
**Note- You do not have to purchase all three to get 20%. I am offering three different items at 20%. You can buy one, or all three! Your choice!**
Glitter sticks are available in gold or lavender glass glitter. Normally, $28....with discount...$22.40.
Grandmother "legacy of love"
Mother "living proof that love exists"
Sister "my forever friend"
Grace is available with your choice of initial and comes in lavender glass glitter. Normally, $48...with discount $38.40.
Duchess bracelet-one size (stretchable) Normally, $ 40...with discount $32.

These discounts will last from Saturday March 26th through April 1st. Orders must be placed through me, and placed by Friday 9pm to receive discount.

Thanks so much for reading, and hope you have a CHARMING week!
Tracy Crosby

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