Sunday, March 27, 2011


For the longest time, I have wanted to create a "chore" or "task" chart for the boys. I found a couple that I really liked, and realized that we didn't want the boys to consider some of the things on the chart a "chore" (like saying prayers or obeying), so when I saw Erin's "Responsibility Chart" I thought that was a perfect title.
Ok, so I knew what it was going to be called, and what was going to be on the list, but I didn't know how I wanted to make it. There are all kinds of cute ones out there in blog land... My husband made the decision for me. He picked the one that seemed like the easiest to make and take care of. Total guy move. Probably the best move, though. I finished it in record time, and the boys have been over the moon for it so far. :)
I found the idea over at Moss Moments via Brown Paper Packages- Thanks ladies!
What you need:
scrapbook paper (optional)
typed list
embellishments (optional)
dry erase marker

Pretty much...
*pick your frame. I went with a larger frame. I think maybe it's a 12x16. It's one we already had and wasn't using.
* Pick some background paper, and embellishments you might want to use. I used a couple of felt stars.
* Type/print or write out your child's name and his/her list.
* I cut each list out and distressed sides with ink pad.
* I used a piece of card stock to frame lists, and distressed edges.
* My scrapbook paper wasn't long enough, so I had to add a piece of the card stock to the bottom of my frame. I printed the little saying to go on this part, and of course, distressed saying with ink pad.
*Type/Print title.
* Put it all together how ever makes you happy, and.....

OH YEAH, You're done!
Cash and Luc just mark through the things they complete on the list, and at the end of the day we just wipe it clean again.

We don't want to just "give" Cash money, we want him to "earn" it. By using this chart, he can earn money daily for being a responsible part of our household. How much??? Get ready...wait for it...wait...1 penny for each responsibility carried out. Yup, he has the ability to make .10 cents a day. He's four. It's fun for him to put all the pennies in his bank, and it doesn't break my bank. :) Eventually, he will save up some money (he does do other things on different occasions to earn pick up pine cones in the yard for Andre), and we will be able to teach him how to "Save, Give, and Spend" his money.
Anyway, there you have it. What I did on a rainy Saturday morning. If you want to check out some different ways to create your own chart.....look.....

Brown Paper Packages
A Bird and A Bean
Tip Junkie

Beauty 4 Ashes

Of course, all you really have to do is GOOGLE "responsibility chart" or "chore chart" and dozens o f printables will pop up.



erin said...

wow - its really cute. love the font. and look.....i was featured! good thing i already have your button. :)

tiptop2 said...

I think I will make one for my house. It would be good for Liz and Midge!

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