Monday, June 6, 2011

Pretty Packing Tape?? Since When?

Ok, so I am probably the last to know. Am I? Did you know? Know that there is pretty pink damask packing tape out there in the world? Know that black and white polka dot packing tape needs a home? (In my house...) Well, I didn't. However, now I am privy to this fan-tab-ulous info. I really wanted to wait and order some of this awesome stuff from Tapeswell before posting this, but I couldn't wait! I found some pink/black zebra print packing tape at Wal-Mart, and even though that's not"my style"...I snatched it up, and put it to work.

First, here are some prints that are "my style" and I must order ASAP.

See?! Aren't they cute? Can you just think about the possibilities?!

This little project is nothing ground breaking, but it was exactly what I needed to begin summer.
A new journal.
I am kind of freakishly crazy about listing things, so I like to have a journal on hand at all times for these lists. I am also kind of freakishly crazy about new journals to start new seasons of life.
Summer is a new season. New Journal needed. Old journals need NOT APPLY.

I found this notebook at Wal-Mart, and by the cover is seems as most others.....
Judge not by the cover...
This is some kind of office notebook. I dont know. Couldn't tell you. I just thought it was fun and almost vintage-esque in a Mad Men sort of way. I mean, really, do offices even use notebooks anymore?
it was perfect to hold all my summer secret lists that detail the odds and ends of my life.
I took that newly found packing tape and simply laid strips to the outside and inside of the notebook cover. Before adding to the inside of the cover, I did hot glue a piece of ribbon to the cover to create a tie.
Finally, to throw it all over the edge, I added a little initial personalization glam.
Shhhh-bam! Totally fun new summer glam notebook.
Been writing my lists in it ever since.


erin said...

I have some pretty packing tape in my craft stash that I bought in Japan. So many years ago and I have no idea what to do with it! Now i do! First of all I HAVE to go to Walmart and get that notebook. It will be perfect for my lists. :) Kevin asked me yesterday if I am going to make lists everyday - now that it's summer. Of course! How will i remember what I need to do? :) Now on top of list.....get new notebook to cover.

Joe and Jocelyn said...

Let us know where you find more of that tape! I loved the ones with the birdies!

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