Friday, October 14, 2011

Jack O Lantern Jars

Last week was a week of sickness at my house. Monday Cash came home with a stomach virus, and was out of school Tuesday. Wednesday night Andre came down with it. To top the week off, it attacked me on Thursday night. Whew! Harsh.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon Cash was out running an errand with his dad, and Luc started to get restless. I still wasn't feeling 100%, so I wasn't super interested in going outside to play. (Or playing at all for that matter) Then I remembered this little project from the Family Fun Magazine! Luc loves to paint, and we could do it in a stationary position. Win/win!

Yeah, Luc desperately needs a haircut. BUT look how he loves to paint!

Here's what you need:

glass jars ( I recycled some old jelly jars)

orange acrylic paint


masking tape

Here's what you do:

* Cut out geometric shapes, to use for the jack o lantern face, out of the masking tape

* Stick shapes onto a jar.

* Paint the outside of the jar. (YES, paint over the tape)

* When paint is dry, carefully pull the tape off.

* Place a votive or battery candle inside jar

These were super easy, having all the materials on hand, and really cute.

Have a spook-i-lious weekend!-



tiptop2 said...

I might could do that craft, maybe? And Mr. Luc is so sweet & handsome, Can't wait to see him...

Kristy said...

These are cute!

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