Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Halloween'd Up House

Hey everyone! Long time no see...right? Yeah, I was trying to get back on track...still am...BUT there is still hope out there for me! I promise. Don't turn your back on me, 'k? :)

Seriously, now that September is over (super busy month) I am really planning on gettting my blog act together. Fo. Sho.

SO! Halloween! I pulled my decor out of the attic, and even though I didn't add anything new (boo hoo)

I did rearrange things a little bit, so it seems new-ish. :)

The pic above shows my mantle.

Still my mantle, but different view -of course. I love that sitting skeleton.

The quality of this picture leaves something to be desired, but you get it....

SPOOKY banner.

Close up of candles on mantle.

Again, same wreath as last year. For tutorial, see HERE.

Shelves inside the living room.

Even though I haven't been posting, I have been working on some things for Chatty Crafty.

I plan to share some of the little things I've made in the next few days!

Thanks for being spook-i-licious, and not forgetting about me!


aka- My halloween name.

1 comment:

tiptop2 said...

Your rearrangement looks very
Boo-ti-ful !!

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