Sunday, October 23, 2011

Louisiana Mini Break

Back in September, the family took a long weekend trip to New Orlean's for my husband's sister's wedding. Although I do not have ANY(!) pictures from New Orleans....(what was I thinking)...I do have some pics from our two day excursion to the bayou. We took the boys to Grande Isle to show them where their dad was born. Surprisingly, the boys wanted to SWIM! We let the kids strip down to their skivies, and have at it. :) We captured LOADS of blackmail pics for when they are in high school. (insert sinister laugh here...)

This is one of my favorites. Cash and Luc running FULL blast!

Grandmere and Cash on the Pier.

Andre and Luc looking for a new shell for our hermit crab.

Cash finally makes down to the shore.

At this point, Cash's shorts are rolled up....we know we have to make a decision. Wet clothes or tightie whities.

Andre, Grandmere, and Luc wondering how far Cash will go into the water.

Yep! We went with the tighties. Luc went for it, too. Grandpere, for some reason, chose to stay in his shorts. :)

The two Crosby men...father and son.

Luc is LOVING it!

These kids were having the time of their lives!

"Look! I am swimming!" Cash kept shouting, but um...really he was just crawling around in a shallow part.

I guess now the sign in the first pic makes more sense.

Well. It wasn't the prettiest beach in the world, but it wouldn't have made any difference if it had been. The kids had WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY more fun than we ever expected. We thought we would do a little drive by, and then head back to the bayou. NOPE. Those kids played and played. We didn't even have towels.

Good times, I tell you, good times.



Beverly Harrington said...

You always have the best fun when it's spontaneous! I love the picture of both boys running full blast! Thanks for sharing! Love, Beverly

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

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