Monday, January 23, 2012

Craft Space Organization

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was in the mist of organizing my craft space. It HAD to be done. Ok, so I am not quite lucky enough to have an entire ROOM to craft in, but I do have an "area" in the guest room. There wasn't much of a budget for this organization project either, but I am still pretty psyched about how it turned out. It's a start! :)
SO! I have the majority of my supplies stocked under my table. I am planning to add a nice little curtain type cover that will go around the table to hid the underneath, but haven't gotten to that yet.

The bottom green container houses my felt scraps, and the top has smaller pieces of card stock as well as stickers. Right behind the green containers is a HUGE bin that has all my card stock, scrapbooking paper, and stencils divided by color. On the right of the green are two divider containers that hold a lot of little bits, and the pink baskets hold my ribbon. The ribbon is on wooden rods, and I can just pull ribbon out as I need it.

These two large bins contain fabric. The bottom one is filled with my felt stacked by color, and the top bin is full of fabric stacked by color and print.

More containers that hold my different types of scissors, buttons, flowers, and random stuff in the front file box.

I had this old wire shelf, and decided to keep it working. All my yarn is in the striped bag on the left.
I spray painted some cookie sheets with primer, then paint, and hung them up. There are canisters with magnets on the back holding more little bits. I also put up multiple cork boards, so I can pin loads of inspiration on.

It isn't totally awesome yet, but's a start. Of course, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than it use to be. Right now, I am mostly concerned with getting it organized rather than spending a lot on making it look straight out of Ikea. (which of course I hope to do one day.)

It's a relief, and now I can finally breath deep again. The clutter is gone which can only leave room for motivation to put it all to use!

Have a great week!-


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tiptop2 said...

Please come to my house for at least a month. I NEED U !

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