Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jedi Party

My oldest son turned five yesterday. FIVE! I can't even begin to believe it. This year Cash decided on a Star Wars themed party. This was a really fun theme! Even my hubz got involved in the decorating. :)

I started by creating an invitation based on this one from Aimee Austin Designs.

This is perfect because Cash is equally obsessed with Legos and Star Wars.

I also found a lot of fabulous inspiration from these sites:

Make and Takes
Tip Junkie
Amazing Moms
Birthday Party Ideas

Here's the spread...and before I go any further...I really dislike these pics and truly do not think they do any justice. It's totally like me to wait until the last minute to take pics, then rush through the job hopping, with fingers crossed, that they come out fantastic. Odds were against me. Anyway, you will get the gist.
We had Clone Cupcakes, Vader Veggies, Padawan Popcorn, Wookie Cookies, Lightsabers, and (not pictured= at the drink table) Yoda Soda. The battle scene in the middle of the table was designed by Cash and my hubz. (See! He was all about this party!)

In attempts to make everything more futuristic I used all (almost) silver trays and covered non silver ones with foil. Everything in the future will be shiny and reflective, right?

I made 4 different cupcake toppers, but hard to see from this angle.
You can, however, see how I made the table toppers...there's the Clone Cupcake on on the bottom.

Yeah, this poster looks a little sad here. Seriously, it did look better in person. It has two toy ships attached and it's painted to look like a galaxy...you know...the one far far away. Anyway, it's pretty pitiful from this distance.

The Padawans' first trial was to go through the obstacle course, find the bomb, and save the city. Simple, right? Oh, and that crazy looking guy in the back with a cape...that's Count Dooku.

Our good friend, Stephen, was a fantastic sport, and agreed to dress up as Count Dooku from the Clone Wars. Not only did he dress up, but he also agreed to let the young padawans take him down. :) I thought his costume was amazing.
KUDOS, Stephen, KUDOS!!

Young Cash made it through brilliantly!

Taking Dooku down was suppose to be the finale, but the Padawans just couldn't stand by with dark forces around, so they moved this portion of the program up a bit.
The group helps Dooku see that there can be GOOD in us all...(cheesy, yes, I know..)

Flori and my youngest, Luc looking  pretty darn cute.

The New finale, The Death Star pinata. This was my first attempt at a homemade pinata, and I was proud of its likeness to the Death Star. :)
Luc takes the first crack at it.

"Happy Birthday" song, and the candles being blown out.

He looks so grown up...

Me and my big boy

Me and my little boy

This one is for my mom. She wanted to see my Leia inspired hair...

Cash had a great time, and so did I. It's always good to catch up with friends, and enjoy yummy party food!

May the force be with you-



Jessica.Ivy.Roth said...

This. is. uhhh-dorable! I don't know about you, but I never had a birthday party growing up. They are a SUPER big deal now!?!? And these kiddos parties out here are INSANE!! This one looks creative and fun (without being outlandish)! Way to go, Tracy!

erin said...

It is SOOOO cute! I adore your Death Star! How did you make the kids robe things? How did you make the light sabers? You did a great job. SAVE IT! :) hehe

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