Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mantle Remade

Now that summer is hitting us full force, I figured it was time to change up the "spring" decor. Here's the new freshened up mantle. I wanted to hang the frames to have a better gallery wall, but we are in the process of selling our house. My hubz didn't want me to put any more holes in the walls. :)
I went through the attic and found any photo frames that weren't being used. A few of them I left black, and a few I painted with my new favorite blue color. I left a few of them empty, and put scrapbook paper behind two.
This one is hanging because there was already a nail in the wall from a previous hanging. It seemed kind of hollow, so I used a strip of material to run through the middle. On the material, two small frames are hung. Again, we are trying to sell our house, so most of our personal pics have been put away for house showings. I didn't want to leave these little frames empty, so I found some interesting images in a magazine for them. I also really like the POP of the only red frame.

As usual, I am completely obsessed with jars, and as of late...painted jars. Simply get yourself some spray paint, and get to it spraying the inside of the jar. Let dry. BAM! You're done! There was a chipboard embellishment that I thought would work great, so I slapped that on a jar with some twine. Some small candles have been placed inside the candles for a little evening ambiance.

I saw this idea for the doilie on Crafts by Amanda. For this painted jar, I used spray adhesive. Spray the doilie, then roll the jar on top of it. Soaking the doilie in paint dyed it the bluish color.


erin said...

It's so cute! I love the fabric in that one frame. I want to find some with those exact colors to recover a stool. I notice some happy gifts from ME in there! haha. I have such good taste. :)

Jules said...

I love it!

B.Cheniful said...

So, how much do you LOVE the new blue/red combo!?!?! I'm wearing it right now with my new hairband from you :) Love love love.

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