Saturday, June 11, 2011

More on the Jedi Party

Ok, sorry folks,I realize now that in my haste to post Cash's party before leaving on vacation, I didn't give as much detail as I should have... OPPS!! :)

To rectify this situation, I wanted to add a couple of things.

Jedi robes:
Considering I don't really SEW sew, I had pretty much just decided to buy some material, make a kind of sandwich board "robe", tie a rope around it for a belt, and call it a day.

Then I Google searched JEDI ROBES one more time. I found this website,
and I thought, "Hey, I can totally do this without SEWING!" The website calls for sewing, but I hot glued it instead. I thought about using a no stitch glue, however, I didn't have the time to wait. Hot glue satisfied my need for instant gratification. :)

They may not last a lifetime, but they will do the job. (and be super cute!)

Death Star Pinata:
Being on a budget (a tight one!) I did NOT want to spend $10-30 bucks on something that was going to BE BEAT DOWN AND RIPPED feel me, right? RIGHT! I decided to go for the gold here, and just make one. Considering I was going for the Death Star, which is round, it didn't seem so out reach.

This guided me in this easy peasy process. I found a pic of the Death Star online, and painted my pinata accordingly. It turned out a bit egg shaped because of the balloon, but I was still pretty proud of it. :) SUCCESS!

Light sabers:
Yummmmy! Sweet and salty! My faaaaaaaaaavorite! Get some pretzel rods, and wrap aluminum foil around the last inch of each rod. Melt your favorite white chocolate, and dip non foil portion of the rod into the chocolate. Sprinkle chocolate with sprinkles, and lay on wax paper to cool.

Sadly, there isn't a closer, better pic of the light sabers. boo.

There you have it. More details.

:) Tracy

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