Friday, July 10, 2009


I think I sent this out to anyone that I thought might enjoy it, but maybe I missed a few people.

Right now E.L.F. makeup is giving %50 percent off if you use the promo code- 4mom.I found this fantastic deal on Freebies4mom blog. (Everyone should bookmark that one, she always has great stuff.) Anyhoo, I used the code and got 8 items for $10 bucks which included shipping. I also got a free lip gloss and a $5 gift card for free. They are also giving away free flip flops and a free french manicure set right now. The codes for those are on the website.

I dont really know anything about E.L.F. it good? Not sure, but since I dont get to spurge very often on makeup it was pretty fun to get it in the mail. Christmas in July, I say. I got this plumping lip fact I got has a clear coat you apply first that feels all menthol-ie, and then a top coat of color. Julie has a similiar lip gloss that costs WAY WAY more, so I felt pretty cool for gettting mine for 50 cents. Of course, I dont know that it works as well....I will have to borrow hers and compare.

There you have it. This is what has made me happy the last few days. Makeup. I have actually looked forward to putting it on. Amazing. Maybe some of you ladies can enjoy a little of my happiness with me.

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Jules said...

I've used this makeup and it's pretty good stuff.

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