Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking a Road Trip? Or Just Curious?

I found this article on Photojojo that gives you tips for on the road photography. They are great tips, but my favorite part is the website it gives you called . This website will give you all the attractions and oddities in all the different states.

I am not planning a road trip, but I checked Tennessee out regardless. I had no idea there was a World Trade Center made of rusty debris in Oak Ridge. What? Rusty debris, you ask? Yes, no kidding. So everyone out there should check this site out, cause how can you really know your state until you know all the crazy tourist attractions that it beholds?

Of course, if you are taking a road trip it would be nothing less than awesome to know ahead of time what dealership to pull into to see Muhammad Ali's Broken Jaw X-ray while in New Hampshire, or when passing through Portland, Oregon how to get to Bobbie the Wonder Dog's digs.

1 comment:

Niki said...

Wish I would have had this website before I drove home to CT from CA! Would have made the drive much more interesting. I'll keep it on file for next time. :)

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