Monday, July 13, 2009

Go to the Movies for FREE!

I heard a couple of weeks ago that there were theaters in Chattanooga that would play kids movies for free on certain days of the week. I then read on some random blog about Regal Cinemas' free family festival. I called Regal Cinemas in Chattanooga, and was extremely disappointed to find out that they did not participate in the family festival here in Chattanooga. However, a friend of mine, Kathy H., told me today that they do indeed have free movies for kids at the Rave. YAY for the RAVE!! Thanks Kathy for emailing me the info. Here's what's playing.....

(As for Regal Cinemas, use this link to see where the free shows are near you!)

The FREE Summer Movies began today at the RAVE (East Ridge by Sears Essentials). They will be every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. Doors open at 9:30.
June 9/10 Kung Fu Panda
June 16/17 Madagascar 2
June 23/24 Surf's Up
June 30/July 1 El Despro
July 7/8 Horton Hears a Who
July 14/15 Space Chimps
July 21/22 E-gore
July 28/29 - Shrek 3

1 comment:

Niki said...

Nice! My nephew is coming into town and now I know where I am going to take him!

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