Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feeling a Wee Bit Irish

I am starting to get psyched about St. Patrick's Day this week, so I made a few little things this afternoon. I wanted to make more, but had to get some treats made for my secret pal. (Things I long to share with you, but can't out myself!)
Apparently, I had a theme today...LETTER BEADS. It's true. They've just been sitting there staring at me, waiting patiently for their turn. I had to give in. There are two fun "Irish" pins to wear on green day, and a fun little card to send out to your favorite leprechaun. Really easy stuff here, folks, so go make some for yourself!

These crafts are pretty self explanatory, so I wont insult your intelligence by giving you a vast amount of detail.
"Irish" pin: I found a metal framed gift tag, changed the paper in it, and strung beads. (In case you can't tell, there is a green bead at the beginning and end of the word.) Attach a pin to the back, and done. See...easy.
"Irish Today" pin: pretty much the same as above, just different words.
"Erin Go Bragh" card: I put a smaller square of cream card stock on top of my green card for a little contrast. I free handed my clover, cut one out as a stencil to make two others. One on bottom, then placed some adhesive foam between layers of clover. This makes it 3d, and a bit more interesting. Last, I strung the words as above.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and anticipates the week ahead!


erin said...

So cute! I love it. Clever girl. Now I want one.

Anonymous said...

You are just so crafty...I want to be more crafty I am just not that need to help me....

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