Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freezer Paper Does What? Who Knew?

I was recently introduced to the "freezer paper method" by my friend, Erin. I had seen it on another blog, but didn't pay it much mind...WHY??? WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?! It's so very easy and cost effective! Brilliant. You can tell I am excited about this, right? I made two shirts this weekend for the boys, and have plans for some other stuff. (Mother's Day is coming up....shhh)

It was prom weekend for my friend, Julie's son and daughter, so I created this "tuxedo" onesie for Luc. It's kind of a "What up ladies, I'm totally free tonight" shirt for my little flirt.

For Cash, I went with Wubzy. Nick Jr. computer games have currently stolen Cash's heart, so this was an obvious choice. Here's the breakdown on the how to:
Print out a picture. It's easiest if it isn't too abstract. Outline both sides with black sharpie if needed. Cut a piece of freezer paper, and lay it shiny side down over the print. Use a craft knife and cut the outline of the image out, so that it looks like this when you take the two sheets apart.
Now, just iron the freezer paper (again, shiny side down) onto your material.
Then paint with craft paint. Be sure to put a hand towel or something inside the shirt, so that the paint doesn't leak through. When I used a dark color for Luc's, I only had to paint one coat. However, with Cash's I had to paint three since it was yellow on a blue shirt. (FYI)
Once it has completely dried, remove freezer paper. Iron finished product (with something covering it, like a towel) to seal in the paint.
There ya go. Finished. What? Yeah, that's it. You were expecting more steps? Nope! That's how easy it is...which is why I am crushing so hard on this! I want to "poor man screen print" everything!

ps- I thought Wubzy would have looked cooler if painted in black, so as to really look more screen printed. Cash wanted him to be yellow, so yellow it is. :)

ps II- If you need a more explicit tutorial, go here. This is an amazing blog.


erin said...

I know - isn't it addictive?? My sister even did it! Well, I cut out the initial and she ironed it on a shirt and painted it. It was for her niece's one year. It was a curly letter E with a birdie perched on top! Adorable. Yours are sooo cute. I am totally making the tuxedo. How did you do that? Pattern? You know you could have cut out that Wubsy's eyes and mouth if you wanted to. I think the yellow is cute.

Anonymous said...

Adorable looks easy enough maybe I can even do it!! Thanks!

Jules said...

So cool! I love the tux:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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