Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Has least at our house

A week or two ago, Cash and I had a day of craftiness. A couple of things I already posted, but some I held off on for days like this. The boys and I have been fighting off a nasty stomach virus the last few days. While I can't get up and move about much, I can sit with my laptop comfortably enough for a while before I start to feel sick again. Needless to say, there has not been much going on, so it's good to keep a few things up my sleeve for such an occasion.

We made lovely little Easter crayon surprises for all of Cash and Luc's friends. If you are one of these, please act surprised when you receive yours. :) It was an idea stolen, of course, from erin
who is a crafting genius. :) (Loving that shout out, eh Erin?)
Here's how it works...gather up any broken crayons you may have. This was super easy for me because I teach 5th grade. Once it's broken just a's tainted in their eyes. After you gather them, unwrap them.
Cash liked unwrapping them for about a minute. Then he pronounced, "Mom, why don't you finish this part of the craft by yourself?" He proceeded to leave me in the kitchen alone. Once they are unwrapped, you can break them into smaller pieces and color sort them. I used an ice tray to make it easier for Cash to help, and he was all about this part.
Notice: Chocolate around Cash's mouth. What has he been eating?? hhhmmmm.
Just to be sure the crayons didn't stick to the tray, I sprayed a light coating of PAM.
We then placed the broken pieces in a cookie mold sheet in the shape of flowers. (Erin used ice trays, so that might be a less expensive option.) I mix up correlating colors to make a swirly effect.
Cash has his construction hat on site to make this crayon business seem more "manly." :)
Heat cookie tray in oven at 250 degrees for about 10-13 minutes. Just long enough to melt the wax.

Let the tray cool completely, then pop those beautiful babies out! You now have recycled, reused, and reduced! Good for you!
PRESENTATION: My personal favorite.
I wrapped a couple in cellophane,(there goes my points for reducing) and tied the ends like a piece of candy adding a little note.


erin said...

LOVE THEM!!! I better get one in the mail! Where did you get that flower pan? Too cute! I love being the crafty genius from your posts.

Tracy said...

The flower pan is from Target,of course.

Heather V said...

I am thinking these might make cute christmas oranaments. Maybe I will get more crafty by then.

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