Friday, March 12, 2010

Planting, Planting, Planting

I love gardening. I really do. I long for the time when the weather allows me and Andre to get out in the yard, and clean winter off of it! I have grand, well, maybe not grand plans, but do-able plans for this spring and summer.
Anyway, I am getting off of the subject. I love to plant, and I want to pass that on to my kids. At Target the other day I found these cute little planting kits in the dollar bins. (Love those dollar bins!) I thought this would be a cute way to get Cash active in plant life.
I forgot to take pic's while we were planting, but here are some from this morning. Cash loves to check his sunflower's progress every morning. You can tell he has some serious bed head.
The blue is the sunflower. The yellow is the daisy. Aren't they the cutest, little pots? I will post them again to show the how they grow.


erin said...

adorable - crap - now I have to go to Target to get those adorable egg pots. And of course I will not be able to leave with just two 1 dollar pots - Target will suck me in and I will be forced to spend 100 (on things I can't live without).

Tracy said...

yeah, I always think, "It's only a dollar." Then that one dollar becomes 10 when the products start piling up in my cart.

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