Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For the Birds (Part 2)

My friend, Erin, from A Bird and A Bean gave me a great project idea for mommy/Cash time. Yesterday, Luc-E-pooh was ill, so I was home from work. He slept a lot, which gave me and Cash loads of time for fun. We knocked out a lot of projects: blooming crayons, planting flowers, and treats for birds. I will post more on the other stuff later.

As in Erin's post on this same topic, (part 1) this is an inexpensive, easy project for the youngsters.

Here's what you need:
*bread- I used the heels out of my current bags of bread.
*peanut butter
*bird seed
*cookie cutters- this isn't a necessity, but it makes it more fun.

It's all quite simple. You toast the bread (or leave it out to get stale), and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes.
We used these train cutters, although by the end...you couldn't really tell what it was.
Next, you spread peanut butter on the bread.
Once the bread is coated with peanut butter, just press the bread pieces into bird seed.
Use a straw to puncture the bread to make a hole, and thread yarn through. Tie yarn with enough slack to hang on a branch.
Now you are ready to hang the treat!
Now, to finalize the project...give yourself and your partner a big "thumbs up" for a job well done.

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Jules said...

Sounds like fun:) Love the thumbs up from Cash.

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