Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chocolate Owls

I wanted to make a little something for Cash's Sunday school class, AND I was dying to use the new candy mold Andre bought as one of my birthday presents! Together it came....owls for the kids. The owls were oh so cute, and again, I just melted some yummy chocolate and poured. Presto! Done.
I tried to incorporate owls into Christmas some way, so on the note I wrote, "Guess 'hoo hoo' is coming to town? Merry Christmas!" Kind of lame and corny, but they're kids...and they probably only cared that it was chocolate. Anyway, wrapped them hoot hoots up in cellophane, tied with ribbon, and added the card...they were distributed (and received!) with joy.


Anonymous said...

it's a hoot ! and tas hoot ful!! too!

Claire said...

super idea for the kids. I like the note, too. Lame or not- cute!

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