Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glitter it Up!

For the past couple of months (thanks, Erin) I have been kind of obsessed with incorporating clothespins into crafts. I decided I must use them in my Christmas wrapping. I can't remember if Erin (A Bird and A Bean) put this idea in my head, or if it was just me....we tend to see to share a brain at times... Anyhoo- I saw this little idea somewhere out there in blog land, can't remember where, and thought it was just the kind of **SPARKLE** I needed for my packages.
1. Start with some regular ole clothespins. I bought mine at the Dollar Tree. 12 for a buck or something. (love it!)
2.I used Mod Podge, but I would have used a gloss coat spray if I already had some. There was no run to the store for me!
3.I bought some really pretty glitter (Not Martha's, but some other brand I can't remember...don't you all just love my short term memory?) Sprinkle with glitter, and tap a little to release excess. Allow glue to dry.

These would be great for packages year round, on party favors, or attach magnets on the back to use them on the fridge!


Anonymous said...

tinsle, glitter, bright lights.... it's that time of year to brighten up everything around us, Thanks for all the great ideas !!!

erin said...

Very cute. I love the glitter idea. I did take a picture of a clothes pin on a present to use at the craft fair. But, I really really like the glitter idea. I wonder if you could have used more Mod Podge on top of the glitter to keep it from coming off. Or if that would have dulled it. Hum. Great idea.

Tracy said...

Yeah, Erin, I wondered that, too. THat's why I wanted to use a gloss coat spray. Do you have any of that?

Claire said...

So festive and pretty. You're right, these would be great for loads of things.

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