Friday, July 29, 2011

Bitter+ Sweet does NOT = Bittersweet (TODAY)

Here it is...Friday. Monday I go back to work. (insert conflicted sigh.) I am really excited about the new school year because I will be teaching at a new school, and it's an awesome place to be. (AND Cash will be attending KINDERGARTEN there, too!!)
However, I am kind of sad cause it means that life is going to get crazy busy again. Days at the pool will be practically non-existent. No more pretending I am a stay at home mom, with a blog on the side.
It truly is BITTERSWEET.

However, here's something that is not bitter in ANY way! It's quite sweet, actually.
It.Made.My. Day.
Fo Realz.
Brandi over at B.Cheniful gave me the coolest shout out ever, and it's made this last Friday of my summer stand out.
Check it out here. In fact, check her blog out while you are at it. Brandi has some freak'n rock'n cool tutorials, and of course, always interesting to read about her Annual White Trash parties. Pretty entertaining stuff. :)
Isn't she just a cutie patootie? She doesn't look white trash at all, does she? :)
Thanks B. Chen!!

Big Grins-


erin said...

That is so freaking cool. I just went and read her post about you. VERY COOL. (and I need a poppy headband) :)

tiptop2 said...
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tiptop2 said...

That is sweet Shug! You bloggers make me wish I was creative, but then I think, I am beautiful and I can't be EVERYTHING!! psyche:)

B.Cheniful said...

Ok, well that totally made my Friday, for reals. I heart our new bloggy love :-)

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