Monday, July 25, 2011

Hardware Gone Pretty

Since it's summer (no work!!), Kristy and I have tried to get together weekly (or so) to do some crafting. I say this loosely, cause it's kind of tricky trying to craft when there are 3 kids 5 yrs and under running around (or crawling) making demands of us two ladies. Awww...such is life. :)

Annnnnyyyyyway...Kristy came over with a tutorial from Tiny Sparkly Things using washers bought from Lowe's. I highly suggest you check it out. There's no way I could show you how to D.I.Y. this necklace as accurately as she did :)

You can see Kristy's version here.

I am sure you have noticed, if you have looked at the other links, that my version is slightly different....ummmm, yeah. I realized WAY too late that I didn't have any ribbon on hand that would work, so I did what any self respecting DIY girl would do.
Cut. Up. A. Skirt.
Strips of fabric. WaaaLaa!
Make it work. (Gotta love that Tim Gunn)

It turned out ok, but I think I like the original version best. Suppose I will just have to make another one.... :)


OH! ANNNNND....more guests will be stopping by Paper Wings soon....

ANNNNDDD....another giveaway coming soon.....

Summer Smiles-


B.Cheniful said...

This look so awesome! Another steal in the making. From me. :) I love the fabric look--way to keep the edge.

Terry said...

I cracked right up when I read you cut up a skirt to make the necklace. Good recycling, lol. Turned out nice.

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