Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pinwheel, Pinwheel, Spinning Around...

Does anyone else remember that song from Nickelodeon YEARS ago?
"Pinwheel, pinwheel...spinning around...look at my pinwheel and see what I found..."
Am I the only one?

Ok, so we are having our friends, the Nichols, over for an Independence Day get together tomorrow. Even though it's just my family and their family, I had to make some decorations.
You know me...always looking for an excuse to whip up theme party decor!

First of all, I adore pinwheels for ANYTHING in life, but I have seen these all over bloggie world for the 4th. I jumped on that bandwagon, SOMETHING QUICK! Never hurts to be a follower every now and again, right?

Anyhoo, can't wait to see these on the picnic table tomorrow. I also made some rockets, but didn't have time to take any pics. Will show them in tomorrow's post along with my yummy dessert!

Happy Independence Day everyone!
Be joyful and safe-


tiptop2 said...

Very nice! I loved the jars with USA on them too!

Joe and Jocelyn said...

I DO remember that show! Ahhh, memories. Cute stuff Tracy!

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