Sunday, July 31, 2011

Double Braided Headband

While perusing Pinterest a while back, I came across this braided necklace from Cakies. I loved the rawness of it, and how it mixed colors through the weaving of fabric. Starting out to make my own, I ended up cutting the fabric too short. My headband idea then began to tape shape in order to salvage the time spent on the project already. I ended up with a really cool headband that I have been wearing for days now. Here's how you make it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

What you need:

6 strips of fabric- 27 in long and about an inch wide.
hot glue gun
elastic hair band
3 small squares of felt (or other material)

1.First, cut your 6 strips.

2.Place three strips together and tie in knot.
3. Braid the strips. It made it easier for me if I placed the knotted part under something heavy, like my laptop, to weigh it down. You want the braid to be tight.

4. The 27 inches may end up being too big, so use the braid and measure against your head. When you have reached a good length (braid should reach behind and slightly lower than your ear) tie the end off as you did the beginning.

5. Repeat steps 2,3,& 4 with your second set of strips.

6. Now you need 2 of your little squares of felt.
I took the ends of my two braids and hot glued them onto the felt, then folded the felt over the top of the braid adding a little hot glue. I left the sides glue-less to make the stitching easier later.
Do this for both ends of your braids.
Sorry. I know this picture is blurry!

7. Cut third felt square in half. You will attach your hair elastic band to both felt pieces by placing the half piece over the elastic, then stitch the sides.
YAY! You're done!

One thing left to do....go show off!

Ps- I do still plan to make a necklace, and I thought this might also work as a necklace if you added a longer piece....
Pss- This is my fav way to wear my hair when I am being lazy and DONT WANT TO fix it. It takes two minutes. I do this A LOT!

Happy Sunday-

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Joe and Jocelyn said...

Cuteness! I might have to try this one!

B.Cheniful said...

Um, hi. Too cute for life! I plan to make this immediately--I love me some Hairbands ;-)

tiptop2 said...

A pretty head band can really "set-off" an ourfit! Like it very much!

dottie said...

Love this! Sooo cute!!

{ L } said...

Very awesome! Those look amazing.

Christine said...

Cute! I love braided crafts. Thanks for linking up to my Show and Share party.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I love this!! Looks beautiful! I have no sewing skills whatso ever though! Bummer

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

So lovely and stylish!

We host a linky party "Help a Momma Out Tuesdays" Would love it if you linked up! Thanks for sharing!!


Mybunnygoboom said...

Found this on Pinterest and plan on taking a stab at it later, thank you for posting!


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